40 Andover Road, New London, NH (map) • 603-526-6899
40 Andover Road, New London, NH (map) • 603-526-6899

Brewery Update from the Brewmaster himself…

YO! What’s happening in the brewery? Funny you ask, I was just about to tell you!

Stash I.P.A. 6.3% Brewed with COPIOUS amounts of hops that smell like fruit and hippies and stuff like that!!! It won’t last long so come up here and get some for your Stash!

Tomorrow I’m brewing a Long Brother’s variant, brewed with the exact same grain bill as our best selling Long Brothers American-Style I.P.A., but substituting various whole-cone hops like Mosaic and El Dorado and Centennial. Look for it in a month or so.

New Tank & Panels

New Tank2

^^^That beer by the way is going into our brand new 15bbl fermenter from Bcast/Heritage Stainless, American made in Plain City, Ohio. Stop by and check it out. It’s sexy!


Cold Brewed, nitro-charged coffee, freshly roasted from A&E Coffee roasteries in Amherst, NH.

Coming out of the fermenter this week; Organic Kolsch brewed with Organic German malts and organic Crystal hops. 5.2%

Dog Days Summer Saison 5.3% Brewed with German spelt (kinda like wheat but old-world) and whirlpool additions of Lemon Verbena, English Lavender and whole peppercorns. Light, zesty and refreshing with a very laid back hop profile. This one is going fast!

We brewed a fun I.P.A. we’re calling ‘Green Monster’ with Green Bullet and Southern Cross hops from New Zealand (I think that’s somewhere near New Jersey?) and dry-hopped with a ton of those very same hops!

We still have 22oz. bottles of Tarte, Wild American Ale, PANIC! (Lambic-style) Ale, KONG! Russian Imperial Stout Version 2 & 3 and Dog Days Summer Saison.

Dog Days Bottle

We won TWO grand champion awards at the United States Beer Tasting Championships this past weekend; Claussenii Projekt v1.0 won the Brett Beer category and Ragged Mountain Red Ale won the Amber/Red Ale category! Pretty cool, right? In addition to the Grand Champion winners, we also were awarded six Regional champions for Ragged Moutain Red Ale, Claussenii Projekt v1.0, Long Brothers American IPA, Lupulin Suplex Double IPA, Heidelberg Hefeweizen and Dog Days Summer Saison.

The annual hop picking party will happen again this year. You help pick hops, we feed you (maybe beer too…?) and post action shots of you on Facebook. I’m guessing the last Saturday of August but that’s subject to change depending on the hops.

What else? Well, we have 19 beers on tap PLUS homemade root beer brewed with pure wintergreen and vanilla. Also food. Lots of food. And cheese. As always, thanks for your patronage!


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