40 Andover Road, New London, NH (map) • 603-526-6899
40 Andover Road, New London, NH (map) • 603-526-6899

End of Summer and Hop Harvest

Rik and HorstThe last two weeks of Summer were both insanely busy and super fun down in the brewery! It all started with a Munich Helles collaboration with the inimitable Horst Dornbusch, using ‘Chevallier’, the world’s rarest heritage barley.

Next up was our annual Octoberfest lager. I’m not too proud to take some pointers from a born and bred German brewer (Horst) when he’s in my house, so with a few adjustments to my Octoberfest recipe, I think we’ve made something really special here! (Now on Tap!)

Home GrownWe also transferred our mixed-culture fermented, Rye Saison into French oak Pinot Noir barrels to age for a month or so. ‘Flora and Fauna or the Chaos Theory’, coming soon… Then, last I brewed the hop-stinkiest beer I’ve ever brewed (so far, it’s not done yet). ‘Bride of Dankenstein’ is a Rye IPA brewed with a blend of Equinox, local hops and Magnum hop hash. It’ll be dry hopped with a liberal blend of New Zealand aroma Hops and weigh in around 6.2% ABV.

Thanks to all those who volunteered and helped in our 2015 Hop Harvest! It was a beautiful day to harvest hops and we appreciate all the time everyone put in helping this year. Though we have lost the beautiful addition to the scenic views, we look forward to putting this year’s Full Blown Home Grown on tap!


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