40 Andover Road, New London, NH (map) • 603-526-6899
40 Andover Road, New London, NH (map) • 603-526-6899

Octoberfest @ the Flying Goose!

It’s our favorite time of year… Octoberfest Beer Season! LightDark1

Celebrate with us this month by enjoying one of our traditional German style beers paired with our Chef’s daily German inspired dishes! You can create your own Octoberfest meal…

We will be offering a special Octoberfest Sampler featuring the five German beers currently on tap:

Heidelberg Hefeweizen

A light, refreshing, Bavarian wheat beer that one esteemed German beer writer called “…one of the best…” Hefeweizen’s he’s ever tried. Brewed with 50% wheat, 50% 2 row spring barley and noble ‘Hersbrucker’ hops all grown in Germany. 5.25% ABV

Pleasant Lake Pilsner

Brewed in the Bohemian Pilsner tradition using all ‘noble’ hops and select German malts. Light and quaffable with a clean hop bitterness. 5.3% ABV

Rauchbier Lager

Similiar to an Octoberfestbier, but brewed with a percentage of beechwood smoked malt. Traditional German malts and ‘noble’ hops comprise the entire recipe. Look for a full bodied, rich, malty mouthfeel and a present smoky flavor. Excellently pairs with BBQ, Smoked Meats and Cheeses, and Pulled Pork. 5.8% ABV


A lager brewed in the German tradition using all German malts and ‘noble’ hops. Full bodied and malty with a lingering residual malt flavor and apparent, but not overpowering, hop presence. This year’s version was brewed with some helpful hints from our German friend, Horst Dornbusch. This is the best beer season of all, OCTOBERFEST BEER SEASON! 5.1% ABV

Munich HellesRik and Horst

This lager was brewed using ‘Chevallier’, the rarest heirloom barley available in the world. We were chosen along with Sierra Nevada, Goose Island, Bells Brewing and Tributary to be the bellwethers of this malt. This recipe was brewed as a collaboration with Horst Dornbusch; a German native and a luminary int he brewing world. Deep golden in color and brilliantly clear. A bit more malty, Helles share the same spicy hop characters of Czech Pils, but are a bit more subdued and in balance with malts. 4.62% ABV

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