40 Andover Road, New London, NH (map) • 603-526-6899
40 Andover Road, New London, NH (map) • 603-526-6899

Valentine’s Weekend Celebration

Why celebrate your loved ones for just one day? Make sure you take the time to enjoy our Valentine’s Day Menu all weekend long… Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!

To Start:

Red Wine & Sweet Potato Soup 5.99

Chicken & Asparagus Chili 6.99

Arugula & Grape Salad with shaved parmesan, roasted almonds, shallot and sherry vinaigrette 8.99

Garlic Baked Brie served with toast points 7.99

Artichoke Heart Gratin baked with olive oil, shaved parmesan, and breadcrumbs 7.99

Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell $3/each


Honey Dijon Salmon with a pecan and parsley breadcrumb 21.99

Lobster Pesto Risotto with kale pesto, asparagus, toasted pine nuts, and shaved parmesan 23.99

Shrimp Stir Fry over ginger rice with our Asian soy sauce 19.99

Grass Fed Filet Mignon with a sundried tomato and basil pesto goat cheese spread, pancetta, and red wine reduction 26.99

Peruvian Pepper Chicken with Misty Knoll all natural breast stuffed with sweet Peruvian peppers, breaded, and topped with with a red pepper cream sauce and feta crumble 19.99

Braised Lamb Shoulder slow cooked with a fennel and orange pan sauce 21.99


Slow Baked Honey Wine Pear

Chocolate Lasagna

Accepting reservations now, call today! (603) 526-6899

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